EMI is the perfect partner for international ventures.


We offer a long expertise in managing international sized business.


We buy and resell on international markets generating trading networks.

EMI (Esperienza Made in Italy) enhance your business performance.

EMI analyzes the suitable solution to develop your business abroad.

EMI can source the Made in Italy goods and support you for its placement in foreign markets.

EMI finds the product you need and the right market for your business.



Based in Italy EMI has the knowledge in geopolitics and economics in Asia, Middle East, South America, where it promotes entrepreneurial initiatives thanks to the support of local partners.
Through targeted analysis we detect the best way to support your will of venture abroad under the terms and condition you prefer.
We provide you with a tailored strategy of internationalization.


We have solid skills in business administration. Hence we can assist you from the consultancy to the operation management for your business in Asia, Middle East, South America.
Thanks to EMI you can focus your business idea, scout a new market, build up or strengthen a sales network, optimize your supply chain, prospect the Made in Italy market, outsource your R&D division.
EMI is your business development agent.


We buy and sell goods from and towards Italy, or across foreign countries. We manage nationalization and import processes. We help you to find a way to start trading with foreign markets or improve the trading process through a strategic point of view.
EMI can find the right product or the right market for you.
Discover how you can develop your business

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